European projects

LabCD is partner in these projects:

A digital journey in Europe Erasmus Plus KA2.

The project has the objective to study the relation between new technologies and teaching in primary school.

LabCD participated to the  meetings, designed  and developed the website, organized the meeting held in Pisa on may 2017. The activities in the project included the organization of workshops, the beginning of a collaboration with the Istituto comprensivo Toniolo of Pisa and the creation of tutorials and materials related to the use of the basic softwares and internet safety.

Among the activities run in collaboration with the Istituto comprensivo Toniolo of Pisa:
participation in TSS challenge (Working with Digital Autoptic Processes is Easier than You Think!) during the congress EADH of Roma DAY (Marion Lamé, Chiara Mannari)
collaboration with Pisa CoderDojo, whose objective is the teaching of coding to youngsters. (Chiara Mannari, Cristina Morelli, Maria Simi).

EINFOSE  European Information Science Education: encouraging mobility and learning outcomes harmonization. Erasmus Plus KA2. PI University of Osijek (Croatia). From Unipi partecipate Salvatore Ruggieri (resp.), Maria Simi, Vittore Casarosa, Enrica Salvatori. Main tasks: develop a Learning and Communication Platform; create materials for two summer schools Achievements and Advances in Information Science and Research Methodology in Information Science and organize the final event in Pisa in 2018.

LabCD  participated to requests for fundings for the projects:

  • RESCAH Reimagining the Ecosystem for Scholarly Communications in the Arts and Humanities. COST program devoted to studying the relation between research and innovation practices in scientific communication.
  • DHARMA: Digital Humanities for Academic EmpoweRment of Multidisciplinary Abilities. Erasmus Plus KA2 objective is helping the universities of Israel to launch Digital Humanities courses. Our contributed would be related to the definition of  the curriculum (Maria Simi, Mirko Tavosanis, Alessandro Lenci, Enrica Salvatori).