Knowledge Triangle – Programme

New formulas for science communication

Pisa – Aula Magna di Palazzo Matteucci – 23rd-24th May 2013

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23rd  May – Thursday – 10:30

Marco Guidi, Rector’s delegate for communication, Introduction

Massimo Polidoro, CICAP, Exposing false statements to the public: the importance of scientific communication

Enrica Salvatori, Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale,  Academic blogging and video-documentation of research

13:00 Buffet

23rd  May – Thursday – 14:30

Wroclaw University Museum, How to organize a university museum

Musée de l’Armée – Paris, Visiting a museum with a touch

Cristina Camaiani, Erasmus Project Manager, Sharing contents in the Erasmus Programme

Francesca Helm, University of Padova, Integrating Telecollaborative Networks into Higher Education

Francesca Di Donato, University of Pisa Semantic Annotation of Digital Libraries

Gabriele Doro, Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale, Writing lecture notes with Pages and obtaining an ebook in multiple formats

Claudio Benedetti, Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale,  iBooks Author. Let’s clarify some points.

20:00 Dinner at Palazzo Vitelli, Main Hall, University of Pisa

24th  May – Friday – 10:00

Gianluigi De Rosa & Silvia Bruti, University of Salento & of Pisa, An aid to the study of languages: Subtitling

Federico Bianchi, Polo 4 SID, Video formats and choices

Jamendo Team, Creative Commons for multimedia.

Giovanni Cignoni, University of Pisa, Demo of a computer 50s

Cmela, Università di Padova,  An E-Learning Multimedia Centre in University

Marco Angelillis, University of Milano- Bicocca, The Center for Multimedia Production

Linda Trotta, University of Studi di Milano,  Sex’versity

Domenico Catano, LUISS,  Web TV in LUISS

Giuseppe Andrea L’Abbate, Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio, The Library of Babel: communication in cardiology

13:00 Buffet

24th  May – Friday – 14:30 – Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale


Claudio Benedetti, Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale,  iBook Authors
Debora Ciampi, Video subtitlig