WordPress is a Content Management System and an open source personal publishing platform. In the academic sphere it can be used for the submission of research projects, for institutional websites and even for more complex projects.

The main advantages of WordPress are the ease of use of the content upgrading interface, ease of platform management and code maintenance, the wide range of customization through themes and plugins, and the support of a vast community of developers.

The Digital Culture Laboratory uses WordPress to develop many projects of various nature and experience the use of the platform within the digital humanities.

Guarda i progetti in WordPress

to support the University’s facilities that have chosen this CMS for the development of their websites, LabCD regularly organizes workshops for platform use.

 WordPress Courses

The Digital Culture lab organizes workshops at various levels for updating and developing websites in WordPress, addressed to staff and students at the University of Pisa. A first introductory course for managing WordPress sites took place on January 16, 2017. A second advanced course on the development of themes will be announced shortly.

Mini  WordPress Course

Introductory Course for Managing Web Sites in WordPress.

Course Topics: Quick Overview on Creating Websites, Introduction to CMS WordPress, Workshop: Part 1 – Upgrading an Existing Website, Part 2 – Creating a New Website.

Scarica le slide del corso 

Temi WordPress


Unipi Labcd

Unipi Labcd   Institutional themepf Pisa’s University, developed by Chiara Mannari

Scarica il tema Unipi LabCD ver. 1.0

Accedi al repository su code.unipi.it


Saturn – Theme for the promotion of researchment projects, developed by chiara mannari as a project of a three years thesis in Humanistic Informatic.

DemoBreve guida

Scarica Saturn