Investigating Historical Landscapes and Architectures: Methods and Tools – 2019 edition

Summer School (29 luglio – 2 agosto 2019)

In the beautiful landscape of Lunigiana (between Ligury and Tuscany), inside the medieval castle of Castiglione del Terziere a Summer School to teach some selected and professional tools that are useful in the study of historical landscapes and past architectures in complex areas as the mountainous ones, taking advantage of the digital advances and of the new technologies, but also looking at the main needs in this field of research, fostering a closer collaboration with the public institutions and professionals in land-use planning and in the promotion of Cultural Heritage.

Lectures in the morning by the directors and instructors on their research will provide students with insights in the theory and practice on the chosen subjects. Practical, hands-on experience in the field will be complemented by activity on computer using new software and/or new digital tools in the afternoon.

We help participants to develop the awareness of the importance and of the complexity of the historical landscapes and past architectures in order to promote cultural projects that could reach architects urban planner as well as public administrators, and help them in an actual promotion of Cultural Heritage and a better land-planning. Teach the use of new tools to investigate and to represent historical landscape in situations of difficult visibility and complex research field, like mountainous areas, to graduate and PhD students, and professionals.

This summer school is an good opportunity for graduate and PhD students and professionals to gain practical experience in surveying (geomorphological and landscape analysis of sites), studying archaeology of architecture, but also learning new tools for the digital processing of the data and for measuring buildings and drawing up the plans and elevations, by learning and working side-by-side with leading researchers in the field.