Bartalesi – Metilli – Narrazioni digitali

Valentina Bartalesi, CNR-ISTI

Daniele Metilli, CNR-ISTI e Università di Pisa

Narrazioni digitali nelle scienze umanistiche


Every digital object in a Digital Library (DL) tells some kind of story, regardless of the medium, the genre, or the type of the object. However, DLs do not offer services about narratives, for example, it is not possible to discover a narrative or to create one. Certainly, DLs offer discovery functionalities over their contents, but these services address the objects that carry the narratives (e.g. books, images, audiovisual objects), without regard for the narratives themselves. In this seminar, we will present a research that aims at introducing narratives in DLs, by providing a formal expression of what a narrative is. In particular, we will present a conceptualisation of the domain of narratives, and its specification through the Narrative Ontology, which has been implemented as an extension of three standard vocabularies, i.e. the CIDOC CRM, FRBRoo, and OWL Time. We will also present a tool we have developed: The Narrative Building and Visualising (NBVT) tool. NBVT allows the user to create narratives in a semi-automatic way by importing entities from the Wikidata knowledge base. However, it currently has no facilities for extracting a narrative from natural language text. For this reason, we are investigating the extraction of elements of narrative from text, through the use of deep learning and other NLP techniques, in order to speed up the narrative creation process. We will present our most recent research on this subject, and the prototype of narrative extraction system we are developing.