Georg Vogeler – The ‘factual edition’: digital editing between text and database

Digital editing seems to be the domain of textual scholars: It produces an electronic version of a text. Digital methods add many possibilities in the way how the electronic version is produced and disseminated. It can change the interaction with the text from reading to using. It can represent features of a text to complicated to be handled on paper and in bound volumes. But digital editing has a second consequence: It adds information to the text, e.g. by XML/TEI annotations. Digital editions from research domains considerably far apart like historians and liturgists can demonstrate that this adds a layer to the digital edition which is usually described as “database” i.e. as digital resource representing the world in data. The talk will present research project in these domains realised in the Graz Digital Humanities repository GAMS ( <>) which show the concrete methods how textual editions can interact with database style representations and by this create ‘factual editions’.